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Slay It


In response to Akki's «Voice-Imprint», the man in question had formally greeted the student. Why? Were they formally acquainted? No, that wouldn't be it, considering Akki's impeccable memory and the manner of speech the man held in his words--likely something used in regards to newly meeting a person. But it would seem as though there were higher honours held in his words; such a theory would only be furthered by the fact that he had actually said "It is an honour to meet you!" So, it was pretty obvious the two did not know each other, and that the main in question, Augustine as it would seem, was someone who had already been informed of Akiyoku's existence, and perhaps something further than simply that.

The boy took a few seconds to consider the possibilities, and mulled over it as Augustine seemed to be analyzing him. First, the abrupt visit. What was that all about? It was clear for what reason he had come: to see Akki. But why was he something of significance to the man? Likely something to do on a more supernatural scale, given the use of powers to gain his attention. Truly, this was something of rising interest; the young psychic was often confronted by a wide assortment of events, challenges and people, but none of them had occurred in such a manner as this. It truly was the surprising event, and despite Akki's unfazed body-language, on the inside he was swirling in thoughts.

On some level, unaware to himself, he was even enjoying this. In the few seconds of processing these thoughts--and at a speed far faster than anyone Akki knew of--the interest held by this person before him rapidly grew and began to consume his mind. Certainly, such a man who would gravitate the majority of Akiyoku's thoughts onto himself projected quite questionable demeanor; thus, the boy was led to the question which should've been asked first. Who was he exactly?

The quick succession of thoughts running through is mind had finally ceased and centered on the final question asked in his mind, and unbeknownst to anyone but himself. With the relinquishing of quite the amount of focus put into all these thoughts having risen, the young man had finally taken notice to the figure before him, realising the analytic sort of feeling he gave off--likely something Akki had caught on intuition. In fact, Akiyoku was surprised by the fact that he actually missed something: the hat which was once held upon Augustine's chest when greeting himself was now back atop his head.

But, another set of surprises came, and so many in a row was something the boy had seldom come to greet. A slight smile, held on his face. It hinted, something a bit more intense than what occurred before, but that was just a feeling Akki had. It wasn't something of certainty, albeit eventually answered. Unknown to him until the actual occurrence, Akiyoku's feeling had been right. Two flames lit within the hands of Augustine, their formation akin to spheres. Following their appearance was their motion, as Augustine had seemed to fire them from his palms, their approach ending adjacent to himself, swirling pillars of fire spouting from the ground beneath.

It was extremely unexpected, as Akki wasn't considering such a display of power; however, what surprised Akki moreso than the display was his lack of expectation. It was a generalization for Akki to have had expected most possible occurrences, and with the series of events recently taking place for him, these instinctual senses were only furthered. And yet, in light of Augustine's action, he was for the most part caught off-guard--it would be due only to his developed reaction-time that he would be able to immediately use «Pyrokinesis», focusing enough of his mental capacity to allow it to rise and envelop his body entirely, the flames reaching several hundred degrees in temperature. The amount of concentration put into this move was only enough to reach «Level 2», as such a result was brought about only by a quick-thinking reaction from such a surprising movement.

His flames within nanoseconds rose in both viscosity and temperature, nearly immediately reaching over a thousand degrees Fahrenheit. From Akki's calculative assumption, he would expect this move to allow himself to be found unscathed, as he was hopeful for his own flames to rise large and hot enough to overpower and consume the opposing flames. Even then, so as to take safe measure, the young man applied a «Force Field» small enough to cover only himself, but entirely. A measly fail-safe, as the power of such a shield would only reach Level 2 as well, being strong enough to only protect the student from a few hundred kilograms of damage. Only time would tell how effect these taken measures would be, but not before he would send a few thoughts via «Voice-Imprint».

"I don't believe you came here explicitly to harm me."

Akki was a man of few words, but the curiosity that came with the arrival of this man enticed the young manipulator of the forces enough to reply and inquire of him the reasons for coming at him--something which even in other battles, was seldom done.

And yet, it was only the slightest few moments later, when Akki would relinquish the flames which surrounded him that he found himself to not have consumed any fires at all, it would seem. Perhaps it was just a display indeed? Or something which preceded another move taken.

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